SIFC Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration!

With much expectation, the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration of Shenzhen International Foundation College has finally come on stage! All Chinese and foreign teachers and students gathered together to enjoy the wonderful time under the red lanterns hanging up high. Primary School, Middle School and High School are all together to celebrate it !


Our Mid-Autumn Festival activities were rich in forms, including Mid-Autumn cultural speech, reciting/reading ancient poems, the guess of lantern riddles, lanterns making, word guessing, moon cake tasting, sending anonymous blessing and Han Chinese costumes try-on. We hoped to carry forward Chinese traditional culture and promote the integration of Chinese and western cultures, so that the teachers and students of SIFC could have a deeper understanding of our traditional culture.

Other than the interesting games, a lottery station was also set for all teachers and students to win different kinds of prizes.


Not only the students,but also the teachers loved the prizes they got!


Everyone was very enthusiastic and there was laughter everywhere. Here comes the freshest and nicest report from the scene!


First of all, Dr. Mark Jacobsen, Head of High School, delivered an exciting opening speech. 


Dr. Mark Jacobsen, Head of High School


The representatives of SIFC Student Union announced the rules of every activity in both English and Chinese.


SIFC Student Union also gave us a splendid bilingual speech, which was about the origin and traditions of Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to give all the teachers and students a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture.

Right after that was the part of fun games! The lounge area was full of people and became a lively playground!



Peter Rizzardini, Supervisory Principal 

Hazel Halligan, Head of Primary School 


Where did the cute lanterns come from? They were made by our students!



A loving holiday, a happy campus.


All teachers and students were randomly split into 14 groups to participate in the activities. Once a group collected eight stickers, they could go to the lottery station to draw a prize!


Every group was trying their best to win a prize for every group member.




What a lucky day!

Han Chinese costume


so happy !



Such a wonderful day for us all! At the end, Head of High School Dr. Mark Jacobsen and Supervisory Principal Mr. Peter Rizzardini spoke highly of today’s event, and awarded the best group in the activities. They also gave a preview of the upcoming National Day activity, and explained the teaching plan for next week.


The success of SIFC Mid-Autumn Festival celebration cannot be achieved without the strong support and close cooperation between teachers and students. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to every one of you!


We wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoy the good time!


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