Slogan Competition: We Need You




If you are asked to use one sentence to describe our school (Shenzhen International Foundation College), what would you say?


Let’s brainstorm a slogan for SIFC! 







Small yet Beautiful!


Located in the Xili University Town, SIFC has a beautiful environment and an international academic atmosphere. Although our campus is not that large in size, it is beautiful and friendly, offering a boutique educational experience.


In terms of the cultivating our students,SIFC works hard to develop its own unique characteristics and keeps exploringand trying to improve the teaching process. 


We maintain a low student-teacher ratio (about 1:5), and small class sizes (the average number of students ineach class is between 15-18). Smaller classes are designed for more teaching support and focused learning. We tailor materials according each student’s personality, interest, career plan, and ambition. We can also spend more time on fostering the growth of each individual student on a daily basis. Every student enjoys sufficient learning resources, and teachers and students are close to each other. The beauty of education is the communication between mind and heart, and the awakening of souls. 



Rich in Cultural Heritage!


SIFC was the first American-style high school in Shenzhen and has 14 years of experience. We have sent hundreds of graduates to famous universities in the United States, Britain, Canada, and Australia, and hundreds of our graduates have received scholarships. 





The school is committed to giving students a personalized, international, and high-level education. Bringing excellent international teachers and a management team of experienced experts from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries.  By studying at SIFC you can experience our unique bilingual and multicultural teaching mode, IPC(the International Primary Curriculum), the Common Corethe AP, as well as the life of studying abroad. Flying to the United States, South Korea,Japan, and Sri Lanka... you can find classrooms all over the world!



Chinese Culture 


SIFC has always attached great importance to the education of Chinese culture. We offer a variety of Chinese culture courses, and hold different kinds of activities like Chinese drama, poetry reading contest, and the celebration of traditional Chinese festivals. Lead by the founder of SIFC, we self-edited Chinese textbook "The Essence of Chinese Culture", student poetry collection "Drinking Water Collection", "Trying Set" and more...All the graduates of SIFC studying abroad will also become the ambassadors of Chinese culture.


SIFC has always attached great importance to the education of Chinese culture. We offer a variety of Chinese culture courses, and hold different kinds of activities such as Chinese drama, poetry reading contest, as well as the celebration of traditional Chinese festivals. Following the founder of SIFC, whose self-edited Chinese textbook is titled "The Essence of Chinese Culture", our students have written their own poetry anthologies "Drinking Water Collection" and "Trying Set". All the graduates of SIFC studying abroad become the ambassadors of Chinese culture



Vitality and Fun!


We hold a number of annual on-campus cross-culture festivals including the international food festival, Mid-Autumn Festival celebration, National Day party, Halloween night, Voice of SIFC, Christmas show and the Hanfu culture experience. Outside the school, our students regularly visit major exhibitions, such as the museums, Science and Technology museums, Art Galleries, Zoos, and Botanical Gardens in Shenzhen. You will hike in the mountains and cross the sea to trace the domestic Yunnan, Inner Mongolian,Shanghai, Hunan, Xi'an, and Hong Kong cultures... The activities are interesting and colorful. And Fun!




Each of the above slogan is SIFC, but each slogan is not a complete SIFC!


SIFC is not just letters, they aremeaningful for teachers and students. In order to find a more accurate and proper slogan which fits our school image. SIFC hereby invites all teachers,students and parentsand friends of SIFC to come up with a new creative slogan!




Call for SIFC Slogan



all teachers , students and parents, and friends of SIFC




·         Original works less than 10 words

·         Simple and catchy

·         Appealing and attractive    

·         Fit our school image and unique SIFC features



From now until 18:00 on November 16subscribe SIFC weChat official account and leave a comment below thepost. 



Awards Setting

·         Popularity Award: awarded to the top three who got the most thumb up. The prize includes high quality commodities and the most up-to-date products.

·         Best Slogan Award: awarded to the one whose slogan was selected. 5,000 RMB will be awarded to The Best Slogan !


Important Statement

·          SIFC holds the intellectual property rights (including copyright, authorship, trademarks) for the award-winning works we collect. SIFC also has the right to modify, publish, and use these works in related activities (including exhibitions, publications, promotional products, media, online promotion, etc.), and there is no additional remuneration.

·         The work from applicants must be their original work. The work will be disqualified if discovered to be plagiarism, duplication, or similarities are found. If the award-winning work involves legal issues such as copyright disputes, the author is responsible to resolve the issue.

·         Once the applicant has submitted the work, agreement shall be deemed accepted by him/her.



Surprise prize is waiting for you! 



Slogan Sample

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Brainstorm and ignite infinite wisdom!


SIFC SLOGAN, it’s your say!






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