School News

  • SIFC student received offer from Hulman Institute of Technology

    We were thrilled to receive the admission good news from Dannel Huang(Huang Daxin) in G12. She attained an EA offer in Computer Science by Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology!

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  • Winter is coming, knowledge is power: Campus Book Fair

    There will be 1000-1500 Chinese and English books with a wide variety of content for you to choose from. The English original books are from famous publishers of different countries such as Britain and the USA. You are welcome to choose books for yourself and your children that you should not miss!

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  • Christmas is coming !

    It is the best time of the year again. The streets are full of colors and the air is full of joy. It is said that Santa Claus will come on Christmas Eve, and reindeers will come from the sky through the stars. So what would a Christmas Time Journey look like at SIFC?

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  • Fly with the Dream

    "Water Rocket" is one of the classic projects in mechanics class. Students send water rockets to the sky every academic year and, as a teacher, I enjoy the surprises students bring me in every creation process.

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  • Santa was Coming… Everyone was Running.

    The 2nd Captivating Santa Run jointly hosted by CAPTIVATING and Shenzhen Charity Federation started a grand carnival on December 8, 2018.

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  • Discover Marvelous Creatures

    You can know the age of shark through observing its eyes. You can understand climate by birds’ flight. You also can research the origin of humans with animals’ bones. That is the magic of Biology class.

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  • We Code with Joy

    ​SIFC's first programming club begun this year. The curriculum concept is based on the theory of Coding, which takes student-centered classroom activity, group discussion, design and making, practice and self-reflection as the teaching focus.

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  • SIFC Open Day and DJI Tello Drone Coming Soon!

    Many people may wonder why SIFC Open Day and DJI Tello Drone will be presented together on the campus of SIFC.

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  • We Can Do a Lot to Encourage Students to Read

    The passion for reading can change a child and benefit the child for life. Needless to say the benefits of reading, but how do we let children fall in love with reading?

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  • Welcome to SIFC Open Day to Explore International Education and the Tello!

    SIFC invites you to attend the School Open Day on December 15th, 2018. We will open our doors and welcome you to visit our campus to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of our school.

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